24 x 7 x 365 = “Peace of Mind”

You never have to wonder what is happening at work or home again. If you have access to the internet you can monitor your video surveillance system from anywhere in the world.


  • Cameras ranging from Analog to IP based
  • Long Range Cameras available
  • Night Vision Surveillance Solution
  • Video servers for long duration storage
  • Remote video management and storage
  • Event and alarm based recording for optimizing the bandwidth requirements
  • IP enabled DVRs with recording speeds varying from 50 FPS to 400 FPS
  • Integration with RAID systems for high performance, mega storage
  • Over 150 different products available to meet all kind of CCTV requirements
  • UL, FM, LPCB and CE approved

Two convenient ways to see how AB SURIA DOT COM can customize a surveillance system for you.

Here is how AB SURIA DOT COM can help protect your business
      • Protect against theft and vandalism
      • Internal loss prevention – inventory & time
      • Increase employee production
      • Project monitoring/work site assessment
      • Customer and employee safety
Here is how AB SURIA DOT COM can help protect your home
      • Peace of mind – personal safety
      • Baby cam After-school – monitoring
      • Asset protection – outlying structures
      • Monitor potential problems – sump pump, garage door, dark areas
      • Watch your home while on vacation

Ask for a demonstration!!!!

Analog or digital? We have both technologies installed and ready to demo at our office. With multiple types of cameras attached to our analog and digital recorders you will be able to compare the features of both technologies.