All network installations from AB SURIA DOT COM are fully tested to industry standards.


Don’t know your LAN from your WAN? Unsure about ISDN, ADSL, cable or Ethernet? Or maybe you just want to go wireless. At AB SURIA DOT COM, we cut through the jargon and offer simple advice and solutions to meet your requirements.

We’re great networkers!

Our IT HELPers make networking a breeze and will have your computers and equipment talking to each other in no time. Whether it’s a simple connection between two or more computers or multiple server setups for national networks, our experienced team has seen and done it all. We can even help you decide the best type of connection for your network.

Business networks way

For businesses, having the right server is as important as the type of network being set up. At AB SURIA DOT COM, we specialise in designing and implementing systems that take into consideration the growing needs of your business. Whether it’s building a network from scratch, upgrading an existing business server or adding to your current network, we can streamline your IT to better maximize the productivity of your business.

Thinking of going wireless?

If you’re sick of cables or want to connect your computer to a printer, sound system, internet or network without being tied to one spot, then wireless networking is definitely the way to go. Let our technicians help set up and configure your computer so that you can use your computer and equipment whenever and wherever you want.