Data Backup from AB SURIA DOT COM gives you continuous protection of your company’s critical data with no effort on your part, so your business will remain protected.

Businesses have long valued the importance of IT security to guard their network and data from viruses, hackers and tracking software. These days, anyone accessing the internet needs to make sure their computer is fully protected.

How to tell if you need emergency AB SURIA DOT COM

Does your computer freeze for no reason? Are you suddenly unable to connect to the internet? Do pop-up ads continually appear when you access the internet? If the answer is yes, your computer could be suffering from a virus or malicious software such as ad or spyware. If you find you’re exceeding monthly downloads even though you haven’t changed your usage habits, the problem could be a hacker hijacking your internet connection. Then there’s spam mail.

IT protection the AB SURIA DOT COM way

At AB SURIA DOT COM we can put in place security measures and checks to safeguard your computer and network from outside threats. This could be as simple as loading anti-spam or anti-virus software right through to setting up high security firewalls to prevent your data being accessed by outsiders. And if your system has fallen prey to malicious software, we can help return it to its original speedy self.

Data backup & recovery

Anyone who’s ever lost information due to a computer crash knows the value of backing up data. Our technicians can put in place backup systems that allow you to either manually or automatically backup your system or server on a regular basis so that you never lose data again. We can even help you recover lost data.