Regain control of your IT expenditures

There’s nothing more frustrating than a computer that’s slow or not working properly. But with so many different components making up your computer and multiple software applications working together, identifying and resolving the problem by yourself can end up being a costly, time-consuming and ineffectual exercise. That’s where we can help. Computer repairs and maintenance are our forte. Years of experience mean we can quickly and cost-effectively work out what’s wrong with your computer and recommend the best way to fix it.

How we IT-Repair

Does your computer freeze or crash constantly? Is your server really slow? Does it take a long time to open documents? Does your network keep dropping out? At AB SURIA DOT COM, we run through a series of diagnostic checks to determine where the problem lies and then put in place a course of action to bring your system back to life again. Whatever the problem, our experts will have your IT operating like new again.

IT Maintenance

Sometimes the best course of action is preventative. Regular clean-ups and checks of your computer, server and network can mean the difference between minor glitches and hours of lost work, time and money. Talk to us about a regular maintenance plan for your business or home setup so that your IT always works for you.

Data backup & recovery

Anyone who’s ever lost information due to a computer crash knows the value of backing up data. Our technicians can put in place backup systems that allow you to either manually or automatically backup your system or server on a regular basis so that you never lose data again. We can even help you recover lost data.